Frame Size Aperture / Print Size Price
Image Colour Correct £5.10
Cat. 1 Image Restoration £15.31
Cat. 2 Image Restoration £27.56
Cat. 3 Image Restoration £40.84
Cat. 4 Image Restoration £56.16
Image Background Cleaning £13.27
Image Enhancement £11.74
Selective Colour Enhancement £7.14

Image Restoration Service

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Image Colour Correct

Image Colour CorrectionColour correction changes the values of your image's colour channels to achie..

£5.10 Ex Tax: £4.25

Cat. 1 Image Restoration

Category 1 Image RestorationRemoval of marks and light damage on image such as white dust marks, or ..

£15.31 Ex Tax: £12.76

Cat. 2 Image Restoration

Category 2 Image RestorationRemoval of up to 3 marks or creases that are not on subject matter ..

£27.56 Ex Tax: £22.97

Cat. 3 Image Restoration

Category 3 Image RestorationThe restored image will be returned on a CD.Removal of marks and te..

£40.84 Ex Tax: £34.03

Cat. 4 Image Restoration

Category 4 Image RestorationImage is to be manipulated such as reconstruction of detail and mer..

£56.16 Ex Tax: £46.80

Image Background Cleaning

Image Background CleaningRemoval of background and whiting out of a single image.Or other alteration..

£13.27 Ex Tax: £11.06

Image Enhancement

Image EnhancementImage enhancing is in the subtle end of the image manipulation scale.Aside from imp..

£11.74 Ex Tax: £9.78

Selective Colour Enhancement

Selective Colour EnhancementOur trained technicians can apply Selective Colour Enhancing to you..

£7.14 Ex Tax: £5.95

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