How can a Picture Framer help with YOUR Wedding Proposal?!

Who would have thought that marriage proposals and picture framers are a match made in heaven?! Finding creative marriage proposal ideas is tough and a truly magical marriage proposal can be difficult to think of. You want to be original. You don’t want to over do it. You want them to say yes and live […]

Shirt Frames R Us!

We LOVE to frame sports shirts and memorabilia. This is a time when we get to be totally creative and transform a treasured piece into something to be adored by all who behold it. We have produced countless layouts and designs and our vast range of mount board colours and frames gives us scope to […]


We are passionate about helping you make the most of your artwork and projects. We want to share with you our tips and tricks to make your life easy when it comes to all things picture framing and mounting. We’ve been working with artists, photographers and home improvers for years.  We have a ton of experience and useful […]