Hot Foil Embossing

  1. What can you emboss ?

    We can emboss text or a logo. Text is embossed in Times New Roman

    Which products can be embossed ?

    Strut mounts, photo folders, bevel edge mounts, Your Life albums, English Library albums.

    How much text can you emboss ?

    38 characters per line, including spaces. Two lines of text can be embossed.

    Can I emboss more than two lines ?

    Yes, but there will be another set up and embossing cost.

    Can you emboss a logo ?

    Yes, please e-mail an eps or jpg of the logo in black & white and we will quote you. The die of your logo can be used again in future orders.  

    Colour embossing ?

    No, we can emboss in either gold foil, silver foil or black

    Production time ?

    Approx 7 day,  or sooner with Fast Track Option